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Santa Claus Mom

Happy Holiday Season! I remember when my kids were young and my parents would show up at our house for Christmas. My dad would still be turning off the engine and my mom would already be up on our front porch lugging several lawn-sized garbage bags filled with presents. She truly looked like Santa Claus when she arrived at our house, with full arms and a huge excited smile.

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Are You Sure?

I hope that you had a very relaxing summer! I had the pure joy of visiting the Caribbean, seeing family, and going on retreat with Thich Nhat Hanh. In my last e-news, I wrote about whether or not it's best to always share our suffering, or if it's more productive to share only our joys. So it's funny because this month I have been meditating on perceptions. And perhaps underneath the question about what to share with others is how we interpret our experiences...

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What's Still Alive in Your Garden?

This past week I received an unexpected letter from an old friend of my mom's. My mom passed away, quite unexpectedly, about 5 years ago at the young age of 71. My mom, Sally, was a vibrant, energetic, and positive person, who did a whole lot for a lot of people, and was well-loved by many. My mom's friend described some of my mom's wonderful qualities - always making the best of every situation, her enormous capacity to care for others, the importance of her family...

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