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Cuddling or Meditation?

Happy New Year! I hope that everyone had a restful break. This year, rather than making resolutions, I have been letting them go. About eight years ago, I made the resolution to do sitting meditation every single morning. And until recently, I have kept that resolution, rising from bed very early, even in the darkest, coldest mornings, sitting through illnesses, sitting in hotel rooms, on planes, and even while in doctors' waiting rooms. But last month, something shifted...

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The 18 House Guests

I am sitting outside enjoying the sunshine and the solitude. Our 18 house guests from the last week just left, and I am basking in the quiet both outside and inside my mind. Amazingly, tonight will be the first night in 8 months where we won't have any guests staying at our house. I thought that at this moment I would feel exhausted and relieved, which I do, but I will also miss the community and connection...

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