More Blogs to Explore

Dear Friends, This list of blogs comes from a friend and fellow yogi, Robyn Greenhouse (see #1 below)...  I haven't vetted all the blogs, but given that Rawmindfulness is on the list, I am guessing that if you read this blog, you might enjoy some of these.  Please comment below if there are some that you really like.  And Happy Holidays!

  1. Adventures in Laughter With 3 boys there is always lots of activity in Robyn’s life. At her blog she shares stories of their adventures, poetry and maybe a photo or two.
  2. Stacie Jewelry  Stacie Spencer is an amazing jewelry designer! You will want to check out her blog and Etsy store for sure! For more inspiration, stop by on Monday’s for Make a Difference Monday.
  3. New Mercies I See Denise Powers Fabian will open your eyes to the beauty around you.  After reading her blog and seeing her photos, you will find gratitude in so many of your daily activites!
  4. My Corner Through My Lens Cathy Sly shares her stories of life through her camera and poems that will make you reread them once or twice not wanting to miss any of the meaning!
  5. Paisley Rainboots  Following Sarah Huzienga’s blog is like sitting and talking with a friend from childhood! Share in her daily thoughts and pictures.
  6. Kelly Bradley Lives Well Looking for healthy tips and ways to stay inspired? Check out Kelly Bradley’s blog to jump start your new year’s resolutions!
  7. tiny buddha  Lori Deschene not only shares words of wisdom and guidance but she also invites you to share her space with your thoughts as well. How nice is that?
  8. Desktop Dreams Grab your coffee and get comfy as you browse Viv Halliwell’s photos! You’ll want to sit for a while to take them all in.
  9. a flash of ... inspiration Keep that coffee hot, to keep enjoying more beautiful photos, this time from Helen Whitaker.

10. Photographically Speaking While we’re at it, here are more photographs that will make you want to grab your camera and take a photowalk! Thanks Terri Porter for the inspiration!

11. Girlfriendology Girlfriendology says it best themselves, “Who better to trust for advice and reviews than your girlfriends, right?!” Check out their page and blog for information, resources and advice!

12. Rawmindfulness  As a student of Buddhism and a yoga instructor, Annie Mahon, provides much for you to think about in her blog. Be sure to have a few minutes after reading her posts to just sit, think, and enjoy the words she shares.

13. Melody Lea Lamb  If you want to see the cutest drawings of animals you’ve come to the right place! Melody’s love of art and animals are combined into her artwork and etsy store!

14. Pride in Photos Stop by to see Laurie Sriver’s beautiful photos and read about her blog. Don’t miss the adorable photos of her new grandson!

15. Justine Gordon Photography Get ready to be amazed at some beautiful photos! As I was writing this, I got lost in Justine’s blog looking at all the captured beauty!

16. Living In A Still Life Jessica Maleski may be the mother of seven, but she still finds time to capture beautiful photos and to post them to her blog!

17. From Processed to Pure Donna Baumon shares her knowledge of healthy eating. You may rethink your dinner menu after reading Donna’s tips and get ready for some good healthy cooking!

18. Old Back Porch Patrice has beautiful photography, shares tutorials, and digital scrapbooking ideas. There’s always something to see and learn here!

19. In Lilith's Grove Sue Jorgenson shares the mysteries and beauties of the Universe as she sees them.

20. Janet Hovde, Artist and Healer Janet is an artist and a healer. Stop by her blog to see how she connects art, healing, intuition and life.

21. Learn+Explore+Share Heather Koshiol shares her discoveries as she follows her hearts true path. I’m sure some of these experiences will resonate with you as well!

22. Kadee Willow Reading Kadee’s post is like sitting down with an old friend. As she shares her thoughts and photos from her day.

23. Meg Boone Meg, a happiness instigator, will help you find creativity in your life! She shares honestly and openly on her blog. Take a look for yourself and find your creativity!

24. Poetic Aperture Naomi has so much to share! You never know exactly what you will find – gorgeous photos, interesting posts, or even a post explaining how she conducted her friends wedding! You do know it will be interesting!

25. MomTini Lounge  As a parent if you are looking for some guidance, some inspiration to get your life back in order, then you’ve come to the right place! Amy Smith will help you find that groove again. As the mother of 3 boys, she has plenty of experience!

26. I'm a Late Bloomer So many of us stumble upon life’s path and then find our way later in life. Teresa Cash shares these stories of late bloomers. You can find inspiration here plus if you are alate bloomer, it’s nice to know you are not alone!

27. A Smile Maker Teresa is busy blogging her as well! Check out her beautiful art work which will inspire you to share a smile with others!

28.  Susie's Heart Path Suzie Itstein shares her knowledge of finding love and inspiration for your day. She shares ways to find more love in her life and yours as well.

29. Sasha Cagen As the author of Quirkyalone, Sasah Cagen takes you on her journey through life discovering what matters in life and romance looking for that possibility of quirkyalone to quirkytogether.

30. Lanier Scott Isom Lanier is an author and journalist. On her site she shares links to her many articles that she has written, as well as to her first book. Stay tuned…another is in the making!

31. Catching Sundust For beautiful pictures to inspire you to grab your camera and get outside, stop by to see Bec’s photos! Make sure your walking shoes are on when you do stop by!

32. Here to There Journey to Joyful Living Terry Gassett is a life coach who can help you find joy in your life journey! If that’s something that sounds good to you be sure to stop by!

33. be*you*tiful reflections Danielle Kallinovskis Evans shares openly and honestly on her journey in life through self portraits. Sharing her stories she hopes to help inspire other women who just may need that extra lift to their life.

34. Gallery Dee Elissa Dee shares her artistic journey of mixed media on her blog. Her artwork is so gorgeous to see  the pieces she makes and the photography as well!

35. Me and My Empty Nest  Lisa Farrar shares the stories of her empty nest, finding more time in her days and enjoying the times when her kids are home now.

36. Life Behind the Purple Door Cate, the mother of four, still has time to post on her blog! Four kids gives lots to write about! You can also find resources for other ideas and a countdown to Christmas!

37. Wood Rabbit Journey Every day ideas and beautiful pictures are recorded here for all time. Inspired by a Grandmother who typed her memories a the typewriter so all the details wouldn’t be forgotten, here’s the modern day take on recording memories!

38. Freshly Hatched Studio If you like scrapbooking, journals, invitations and all things paper related, here’s the site for you! Amelia Woodbridge shares all her ideas here with you!

39. My HR Life If you work in HR or have questions, ideas about HR, there is even a blog just for you! Joey Kolasinsky shares her thoughts on HR and more!

40. LaRock Star Creative Lizzie Larock

41. A Moving Story Everything was predictable in Kimberley Sundy’s life until…they moved to Mexico! Somewhere totally new for her and now you can follow along as she begins her unpredictable life!

42. Andi's People Andi Schroeder makes the cutest greeting cards and stationary! Don’t forget to check out her blog as you get caught up in looking at all the cute pictures she has created!

43. Sweet Blue Sky Kelly Walsh Loss looks for the silver lining of everyday. That’s in between work, raising kids, and everything else in between!

44. Bright Eyes Reflections Maribeth Doerr has experienced a lot in her life. As a grievance counselor she shares these experiences and teaches how to handle these painful situations for yourself and for others.

45. Still and All Sherry Galey’s photos are beautiful! Come see the photos and read the stories behind them as well! Don’t forget to stop by her card shop for some post cards! It’s always nice to find the old fashioned snail mail in your mailbox!

46. Josephine Hands by the Handful Josephine Hands is a mixed media artist, mom and blogger. The last time I stopped by she was sharing lines from her diary from her teenage years! It was like reminiscing with an old friend!

47. Make Believe Boutique Stephanie’s blog shares beautiful pictures with words of wisdom. Take a moment to observe the pictures, read her posts and spend the next few minutes digesting it all!

48. My Healthy Life With MS Nicolle Burke was 26 when she was diagnosed with MS. Her blog is  support for others living with MS – an inspiration for each day! It’s also a place for those without MS to stop by and read as well!

  1. 49.  Not Tidy Yvonne Aris sums up life for her as not tidy. What a great way to put the hustle and bustle of today – not tidy! She adds humor to her stories – read the edits and after thoughts on her post about her hair color! Very funny!

50. imaginary garden with real toads If you like writing prompts, then you will want to bookmark this blog! You’ll get prompts during the week, plus open Monday to posts a poem you want to share, and linky parties so you can read other poems and meet other bloggers as well! Stop by just to read or leave your poem!

51. Poets United Another site with writing prompts! Get your pen, your paper, your computer and get ready to write! The prompts will get those wheels turning for sure! Also stop by to learn about famous poets, or maybe you have a poem you’ve written that you want to share on Sunday’s in the Poetry Pantry. Every day there’s something new and interesting going on!

52. Stardreaming with Sherry Blue Sky In my finding of poetry prompts and blogs, here is a site that combines them all! Time to warm up that coffee or tea, and make time to sit and enjoy Sherry’s writings and photos!

53. Footprints of a Curious Mind Farizah Sedek’s blog shares fine art and travel photography from her life. If you want to travel but don’t have the time, stop by here to get a glimpse of places you just might want to make time to travel to!

54. Christina Masterman– Christina describes herself as a lover of words. Her words will leave you feeling inspired! When you need some words to lift you up, I highly recommend making some time to read Christina’s blog.

55. One Single Impression – another great site for writing prompts! Writing prompts are posted on Sunday, although you can check their calendar if you want to get started early on your poems. Lots of great prompts to get you thinking and other poets to check out as well!

56. Mag Pie Tales Another site with prompts to get you inspired to write! Tess Kincaid posts pictures for your prompt. Not only is there a weekly prompt, but you also get to read other poems. Tess’s prompts can inspire your own poetry writing while learning about other artist as well.

57. Way Station One You will for sure want to stop by to read Brian Miller’s poetry! I don’t know how Brian does it, but he manages to stop by and comment at so many blogs! How nice is that? Grab a seat,  and enjoy his poems!

58. dverse~ Poets Pub – Open links and poetry prompts all here in this one pub!

59. ABC Wednesday – The prompts here follow the alphabet. It’s easy to participate, simply link back to  ABC Wednesday, and introduce your post with “X is for__________”.

60. Show My Face the home to Six Word Saturdays. Link your 6 words and then read the other posts as well. Don’t worry if you add an explanation or more, it’s all good!

61. Two Shoes Tuesday Josie shares a prompt and you do the rest. Write your words and link up on Tuesdays!