The Art of Giving

Dear Friends, We hope you were able to enjoy the holiday break with your loved ones, and had a chance to practice the art of giving -- giving your time, your attention, your love, or whatever shape your generosity takes. Giving is the practice of letting go. In giving to others, we surrender our attachments, and face our fears about whether or not we have enough. If we give with an open heart, we emerge feeling lighter and less encumbered.

Living lightly is a great way to start 2006. After letting go of what keeps us stuck, we can soar into the New Year, and celebrate our ability to start anew. With this in mind, maybe you can meditate on the direction you would like to take in 2006. What do you want to differently? How can you express the beauty of your spirit to the world?

The practice of mindful yoga and meditation can facilitate letting go and transforming. Mindful yoga and meditation facilitate change by bringing your attention to the present moment, where everything is possible. By focusing on the breath and the postures, we can let go of anxiety about making a change and realize that as soon as the intention is out there, the change is already manifest in us.

May you be peaceful and at ease,


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Self-CareAnnie Mahon