Who is our Beloved?

Dear Friends, February is here, bringing cold weather (finally) and the holiday that we often have mixed feelings about -- Valentine’s Day. Usually our feelings about Valentine’s Day range from dreamy romantic, when we have a partner that we love, to avoidant, when we don’t, to everything in-between. We often feel we have to have that one particular person in order to enjoy this holiday.

This year, I’d like to suggest that we expand our definition of our beloved. Let’s celebrate Valentine’s Day with everyone and everything that we love, including perhaps our children, our cats or dogs, our dear friends, our fellow yoga students, or even our favorite tree. Consider making Valentine’s Day simply a chance to commit ourselves to sending a little more love their way.

And since I’ve been in a poetry mood lately, I thought I would share a love poem that is very very dear to me. This poem was written by Gardner Brown, an eccentric Dupont Circle-area artist, who was involved in my meeting my partner, Paul. I’ll save that story for another time. One night before our wedding, Gardner came to our apartment, quite intoxicated, with this poem as a gift for us. We asked him to read it at our wedding, which he did. Later that night, he goosed my Grandma’s behind.

I think it can apply to any sort of beloved. I offer it to you, with love.

Happy Valentine’s Day.


This then the moment Witnessed Affirmed Indelibly Irreversible In recognition of a simple truth Abandoning higher superlatives We stand All private contests Now lost or won Leaving steadfast in that brilliant residue The brave confession of not being able to part And Yes Prepared in advance for Expectations Aspirations Awes and joys Hopes and tears All these but unruly children cavorting Within the sanctuary And rising far above these loyal words Lingering beneath dreams A final separate inquiry Banished only by the vision Of a far better me smiling back from behind your eyes Proclaiming This moment A fortress of safe surrender A birthing like others Demanding Commanding Alarming Disarming All combined to freely flow On warmer seas of discovery Not just of man and woman Wife and husband But in cleaner definition Celebration Our delivered Assignment Resolute though tender Abundantly bathed in glistening gratitude Profoundly respecting those countless energies Here assembled Embracing this moment For a presentation For those who care to see Gathered Here With You And Me The Dedicated Spectacle Of Us