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Melting Water

I had the great fortune of attending a week-long gathering in the Black Hills of South Dakota last month in which more than 100 Buddhist practitioners camped together and listened to the voices of native people share about their history and their lives.

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Alone Together

Like many of my other posts, I am writing this from a place where I am alone yet surrounded by dozens of other people. This particular morning I am in a coffee house in Burlington, VT.

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Grounding Ourselves

About a month ago, we planted some new lettuce and peas, and were very excited to discover that many of the heartier plants had wintered over and were starting to provide us with chard, mustard greens, spinach and even some very small broccoli.

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Overflowing with Ojas

I am sitting in a cabin in the Blue Ridge Mountains looking out into the trees and watching the setting sun. It's so incredibly quiet here. I'm sure you've felt this before,

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Doing Small Things

Welcome back from your summer travels, whether they were geographic travels or simply inner explorations.

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Environmental Impact

Welcome back! We are busy cleaning up the studio, restocking our book shelves, adding a new bathroom to the second floor studio spaces, and readying Circle Yoga for the start of the fall session.

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