Mindful eating demonstrates love for ourselves and the world. 

We live in a society where we are judged on the size and shape of our bodies – which has created a massive psychological stigma with how we look at food. It’s not about what or how much we eat, it’s about a mindful approach to eating and how we feel about ourselves.

It’s about love.


Thoughts on Mindful Eating


I've come across these vegan and vegetarian recipes over the years and modified them based on my mood, tastes or availability of ingredients on hand. I invite you to try these or explore your own version of them. Feel free add meat, chicken or fish to the savory recipes if you are not vegetarian. Get curious about what you might discover. Nothing can go wrong other than not liking the taste. And don't worry if something goes wrong - kitchen blunders are just another opportunity to practice mindfulness!


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