Jump out of despair and into action. 

It’s easy feel overwhelmed and helpless when we think about all the instability and injustice in the world. Part of my spiritual practice is waking up to what is happening and aiming to make a difference as part of my own healing. When we help others, we help ourselves.   


Strengthening our mindfulness practice through compassionate action.

It is so important that the world not only wakes up to what is happening to people in oppressed communities, but that there are people out there working to support them. We can take powerful steps to create compassion-based social change and contribute to transformative social movements to advance social justice and sustainability for marginalized communities. I’ve partnered with some amazing organizations and I’m grateful to be able to share some of them below so you can learn about them, too. Please read about them, watch videos, donate if you can, share with your network, and start conversations! Let’s make a change. Change happens as slowly or as quickly as the number of people who are exposed to something – and then take action.


National Domestic Workers Alliance

Domestic working women are often denied common labor rights like health care, paid sick days or paid time off. Some are abused and harassed by their employers, and endure poor sleeping and working conditions. NDWA gives them a voice for a safe and dignified workplace. Typically they are immigrants and women of color who feel powerless, and are afraid or ashamed to leave or report because of social, emotional and economical barriers. NDWA was founded in 2007, building affiliate groups to serve domestic workers in six U.S. cities. With the help of communities working together to donate and create an awareness of this injustice, there are working groups in over 30 cities today. I’m proud to partner with them. Donating to this cause helps give domestic workers the power and respect they deserve for their tireless work.

One common Unity

Many children throughout communities in Washington, DC don’t have access to the resources they need to live emotionally balanced lives and don't feel comfortable being who they are. They suffer with anger, depression and often get caught up in violence. One Common Unity creates programs that allow children to express themselves through the power of music, art, and peace education, giving them a voice and opening up to feel love and be creative. Replacing actions of violence with compassion creates individual inner happiness and leads to building healthier communities. Contributions to this group is a powerful way to make a difference in not only DC today, but building a more compassionate culture for the future of our city.

Plenty to Eat

This is an amazing organization started in early 2018 by entrepreneur, food safety expert, and my friend, Connie Williams. Connie needs a little extra help in making her goals a reality. Low income families and individuals in Washington DC suffer from being able to afford food, which leads to lack of nourishment and health issues. It’s emotionally daunting living with thoughts of how you’re going to provide the next meal for you or your family. Plenty to Eat has created a pantry of food that currently feeds about 60-80 families, most of whom are working on their GEDs, each month. Donations are used for food, renting the pantry space, toiletries and workers compensation, if needed. I especially love this group because it’s a community-based program, started by someone who herself needed to visit a food bank and now is trying to give back what little she has.  Your compassionate generosity will allow Connie to feed lots of hungry GED students.



The Opening Heart Mindfulness Community created this special sangha to build awareness on the issues of social injustice facing our country and the world today.